Delaware Historical Society

Betsy034a 6x4 75.jpgBetsy032 6x4 75.jpgBetsy032a 6x4 75.jpgBetsy033 4x6 75.jpgBetsy033a 4x6 75.jpgBetsy034 6x4 75.jpgBetsy035 4x6 75.jpgBetsy035a 6x4 75.jpgBetsy036 4x6 75.jpgBetsy037 6x4 75.jpgBetsy036a 6x4 75.jpgChildren031 6x4 75.jpgChildren038a 6x4 75.jpgChildren042a 6x4 75.jpgSandra041R 10x8 75.jpgChildren043 6x4 75.jpgNature046 6x4 75.jpgNature046a 6x4 75.jpgNature049 4x6 75.jpgNature050 6x4 75.jpgSandra041L 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book060 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book063 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book064  10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book065 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book066 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book067 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book068 10x8 75.jpgWendy-Book055 8x10 75.jpgWendy-Book056 10x8 75.jpg

Following the 2004 death of her husband, Dr. Charles Klein, Naomi Klein donated 168 drawings by William D. White, plus his poems, to the Delaware Historical Society. Enjoy this selection of artwork. Click on the “Publications” tab to read White’s unpublished poems.


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