Nancy Carol Willis

My personal collection of William D. White artworks currently includes nine oil paintings, 40 framed drawings in various media, plus 172 unframed drawings and prints in various sizes and media. I am the caretaker of all of William D. White’s personal effects including his photographs, letters, and documents. During White’s 40-year freelance career, he created roughly 500 illustrations for three trade magazines published by the Hercules Powder Company, plus illustrations for several issues of The Saturday Evening Post, other magazines, and several books. While much of this material no longer exists, I have scanned all of it and have acquired printed issues of much of this published work, including bound annual editions of many years of the Hercules publications.

I have begun the process of cataloging all of William D. White’s artworks and documents using software, My Art Collection 3.0. My goal is to record a Catalogue Raisonné and to have an interested institution assume this record and make it available online to the public. My ultimate goal is to explore opportunities with interested and suitable institutions for the long-term stewardship of my William D. White art collection, plus my archives, research on the artist, and this website.