Barn-Fence 6x4 300.jpgc1938 East Side.jpgVictory Cafe.jpgFive Smoke Stacks 6x4 300.jpgHome Design4 6x8 300.jpgHome Design5 6x8 300.jpgHome Design 4x6 300.jpgHome Design1 4x6 300.jpgHome Design2 4x6 300.jpgHome Design3 4x6 300.jpgHome Design6 6x8 300.jpgHome Design7 6x8 300.jpg012 Lone Figure Factory Landscape Web.jpg

William D. White lived his entire life in Wilmington, Delaware. He traveled on foot, often with pencil and paper, and recorded images of buildings indicative of vanishing landscapes. A fan of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, White created his own building designs, adapting some of Wright’s concepts for his own purposes.