027 NCW Sketching.jpg026 LJ NCW.jpg036 NCW LJ.jpg034 NCW.jpg037 Linda.jpg060 Four Girls.jpgKing Street Boys-c98.jpg044 Wendy Counting Coins 8x10 300 BW.jpgWendy Reading Book-c29.jpg041 Wendy Piano (1).jpg052 Wendy Eating from a Bowl 10x7 300 BW.jpg054 Ballet legs.jpgimg074 Girl in Blue Shitrt-Striped shorts.jpgJon Mahon.jpg

Mr. White’s home was open to the neighborhood children whose parents sometimes supported the artist with food or oil for his furnace. There we played in his tiny yard or sat on his lumpy couch and drew pictures or cut shapes from paper. White frequently made drawings of his young friends, including those presented here. On occasion, White enjoyed a meal at the home of friends and often sketched their children.