c1935 Brandywine Landscape.jpgLily Roots.jpg130 Wysteria seeds.jpgIron Ore Geodes.jpgGeodes 8x10 75.jpg131 Boulders Logs.jpg1955 Spring Torrent.jpg132 Tree Trunks.jpgimg136 10x8 75.jpg149 Blackbirds (2).jpgNautilus 75.jpgNCW Shells 10x9 75 BW.jpgBule Jay in Cup 8x10 75.jpg148 Split Rock.jpg143.jpgimg140 8x10 75.jpg147 Eclipse.jpgTree Stump Man-Neville.jpgimg141 cleaned 10x8 75.jpg151.jpg

William D. White walked the parks and countrysides of northern Delaware’s Piedmont with sketchbook in hand. A keen observer of nature, White often designed plants or rocks on the page without background context, calling attention to the inherent beauty of their forms.