Clown with Betsy.jpgMan with Girl.jpgStovepipe Man.jpgFigures Clinging to Post.jpgMan Dipping.jpgFour Figures.jpgThree Soldiers.jpgc1940 You Bit Me.jpgWDW-Contemplation c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-By the Aggies c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-Hang On c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-My Dear You Look So Old Tonight c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-Ruination c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-Tryst c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-Valet c1935-40.jpgWDWhite-The Last Blossom c1935-40.jpg009 Woman with Child and Baby-ink-pencil 7x10 75.jpg002 Girl with Flower in Hair-red conte 10x8 75.jpg011 Two Men- Goache 10x7 75.jpg

Based on his images, William D. White had a lot to say about the human condition. The first several drawings depict White as he saw himself (a clown). Next he envisions life as a struggle for survival in turbulent times. During the Depression Era White created numerous cartoons satirizing society’s inability to adequately care for its own people.