Klein Family

Girl Red Shirt 22x24 oil.jpgCoal Stove Men.jpgMay i Come In.jpgTree Stump 30x40-KleinLisa-c30.jpgBoat.jpgShack with Figure.jpgNonobjective shapes-Klein-c58.jpgTwo Clowns Dancing 10x8 300.jpg

The Klein family lived behind mine in north Wilmington, Delaware.

Dr. Charles Klein’s nearby dental practice was located across the street from Brown’s Drugstore on Marsh Road near Penny Hill. Brown’s had a soda fountain and sold sandwiches and quarts of hand-packed ice cream. Klein befriended White over lunchtime sandwiches that White enjoyed “on account,” as he had no money. Mrs. Klein remembers her husband receiving monthly bills from Brown’s requesting payment for White’s account. In return, White gave the Klein family these and other artworks.

After her husband’s death, Mrs Klein Family donated to the Delaware Historical Society an additional 168 drawings by William D. White, plus a few letters and his poems.